Our Story
Beijing SHLHT Chemical Technology(SHLHT) was established in May 2003, starting its business in Beijing at lab & polit-scale production of API & intermediates. With the development of environmental protection, More chemical production relocated out of Beijing city before Olympics in 2008. SHLHT turned its self as a sales company of Greatwall Biochem Engineering Co., Limited who is the earliest producer of natural L-tartaric acid & its downstream salts, also bio-fermented L-tartaric acid, salts, L-malic acid and its salts. SHLHT serves as a commercial company on behalf of Great Wall BioChem, Specializing in the constitution of marketing strategies, the implementation of business procedures and after-sales services worldwide.
Its almost ten years since October 2009, SHLHT have successfully introduced their products to global top customers in the fields of building materials(dry mix motar, gypsum board, oil drilling mud),food industry(acidifier for wine, emulsifier for food baking),pharm industry(resolving agent) and PCB electro plating industry.
By the end of 2018, SHLHT has made a strategic decision to expand its business scopes by not only the export of chemical additives like L/DL-TA, L/DL-rochelle salt, DL-malic acid for electroplatings but also the global marketing of more chemical additives for oilfield, refinery, diesel and lubricant as well as a large amount of industrial materials for pharm, pigment industries and more as a professional affiliated company supported by specific plant-producers.
The words from SHLHT
Thank all business partners who not only the customers placing orders to us but also those making information enquiries to us, providing us services relevant! All of you make SHLHT be more knowledgeable, more stronger and bursting with vitality!

SHLHT has developed its business not fast but step by step. We cherish each pleasant cooperation and appreciate any support from the partners.
We are surely to be with you with our unique business service style in the years to come. Let us do and win together!

President: Taylor Chung
December 11, 2019
Global Footpoint
During the past two decades, we have supplied our APIs & intermediates, L/DL-tartaric acid, L/DL-potassium sodium tartrate, L/DL-malic acid, fluorene, dibenzofuran and fumaric acid to top-ranking customers all over the world.
Our Value——“To be with our business partners!”

The customer is a part of your business partners. All partners are indispensable elements in whole industry chain. We are willing to integrate into the industry chains together with our business partners.